Friday, November 25, 2005

Manky colours

Just a quick one today, as I have nothing to write about and the colours are super manky. It's very cold in Egham, and I lost my gloves which aren't broken, which is sad. But I do have a supervisor, and a secondary supervisor, for my research essay now! And my essays going to be on camparing the ideal of the wilderness in the East in the early Middle Ages to the wilderness in Europe, if anyone has any thoughts on that. But I doubt you will... I also got a really funny email from my tutor, which caused me to lol in a literal sense in the library, which was embarassing. But only a little bit. I also celibrated extended opening hours by leaving the pub early and doing a crossword. Apparently it was -5 outside as I walked home, which wasn't fun. And we still don't have snow, which I'm convinced is for the best. Ooh, this colour is invisible! Is that better? Marginally, I guess that'll do. Erm, what else..? Ooh, my class was cancelled today, so I'm going to dredge through my notes from the first two years to plan my essay. And I have some hard-core filing to do too. But otherwise I have no plans til monday. Hurray! Essays! Well, rather than drawing this out any longer I'll wrap it up. And wish that I could post pictures, but that'll have to wait til another day... xxx

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Purple furry legs

Well, its been quite a while since I've had time to bog it up, as they (i.e. I) say, but I finally made it! I actually can't remember everything thats happened since the last post, and no one cares because no one reads this anyway, but maybe in the future blogs will be used as a source for history students about the daily lifes of people in the 21st century, and I intend to confuse those people as much as possible by writing utter nonsence and spelling it badly too. On that note, here's what I can remember from the last week and a bit... Well, I got my 1st essay of the year back, and I did rather well, thanks to my tutor being lovely. I also sorted my dissertation title, and I'm doing apocalyptic thought in crusade literature, which sounds super exciting (and sarcasm-free!). Additionally, I went to exeter for the weekend and did some drinking, lots of eating (including icecreams outside in the winter! Hardcore!) and we saw 'Curse of the Were-Rabbit' which was cool, but less cool than 'Corpse Bride' (no Johnny Depp, no Tim Burton...) Ooh, and the week before was amazingly exciting (it all comes flooding back to me) because I went shopping! And I got some purple furry material which has become purple furry leg warmers since then, and a ball dress! I was so excited I couldn't do any work that week, and I didnt care! But since then I have grown to care, as I realised just how much work I have to do... Ahhhrrgggghhh! But I'll be fine. I just wont have time to shop as much as I have been recently, which is probably all for the best. Erm, what else has there been? Ooh, I'm going to see Faithless next week, provided the tickets come. Dave worried me by saying they're getting delivered here, and we've been having some serious post issues recently, but I'm sure that'll turn out ok too. And our house is currently on a building site and vibrates, which is certainly a novel feature. Also we can't afford to heat it 24/7, and we don't have double glazing, so we're all going to die of pneumonia. Hurray! Or terrorists, either way it's all good. Well, I'm pretty sure there's loads more to say, but who cares?! If anyone ever reads this, leave me some nice spam and I'll delete it right away.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Good bye

This is a just-in-case post. Apparently Royal Holloway is going to be destroyed by a random terrorist attack (a friend of a friend of a friend is an explosives fanatic) so I may not be with you much longer. This post is here so you can't say I didn't warn you, and if I do die you can feel really bad that you didn't come and save me... No, I really just wanted to scare you. Although if the rumour does turn out to be true, it's been exellent blogging with you, and I wish you well in your futures, whatever they may involve. Unless you die of bird flu before...

Icy hands

Good grief, its cold in here! My poor little fingers... In an attempt to keep them from freezing solid I'll wiggle them as I type [wiggles fingers]. There you go! Well, Appart from nearly dying of cold, it's been a very exciting weekend. On friday I discovered that my blood's A+, just incase you'd like some. I also sorted my phone out singlehandedly, as no one was willing or able to help (sucky friends). Then in the evening Bob and I braved the iguana, which was actually really cool, so we'll be going back some time. If we aren't to preoccupied with work etc... Ooh, and I was drunk after four *single* vodka and cranberry juices! Being a lightweight is an amazing bargain!!! Then on saturday I met Becky on a train and we went to London. In Camden, Becky was scared of Cyber Dog and the people, but we bought many exciting things, including the most beautiful shoes in the world, but not furry leg-warmers. But I'm ashamed to say I have been obsessing about them since, and I plan to make some myself as soon as I have the opertunity. Ooh, now I'm all excited!!! But anyway, then we went for coffee, to the Imperial War Museum where we saw a pigeon parachute, and for all-you-can-eat (i.e. not very much any more) dinner. And on Sunday I went to church a couple of times and still didn't do any work. Silly me. Ooh, but I did do a bibliography for my dissertation now, by copying it from a book I was reading (ummm). So all good. Other than that I don't have any news at all. Also, I don't have time to blog this week, as I have an essay to read for and I'm away over the weekend, but expect an update this time next week. Well, til then take care. And don't freeze, as I fear I might. Brrrrrrr...

Friday, November 11, 2005

The End

Excellent news, one and all! Yesterday I had my LAST EVER LECTURE!!! EVER!!! Even if I do a Masters, I still don't have lectures for that, so I'll never have to take notes while someone else rambles on ever again! What excellent news! Additonally, I saw Corpse Bride on wednesday. 'Twas super fantastic! (Note enthusiasm. I'm in a surprisingly good mood today.) Never has a plasticine figure been so desirable... No, seriously, if everyone was as gaunt and thin as Victor I'd be a happy person. Which is maybe a tad sad. Ooh, that rhymes! Erm... Ooh, today I got my exam paper for my so-called 'takeaway exam' (if it sounds like a load of rubbish to you, thats because it is...) I have narrowed the essay I shall be writing down to one of the following:
1. How illusory is the distinction between elite and popular religion?
2. Have historians tended to over-emphasise religious change at the expense of continuity?

Sounds fun, doesn't it? Well, maybe not... But if you have any thoughts on these or other helpful subjects, be sure to let me know! Which leads me on to the subject of work, and how much I have of it... Well, my theory was that the less stressed out I am about work, the better I'll do this year. However, this means that I'm just not doing any at all, as my deadlines as so far away, yet gradually creeping up on me, thereby increasing my stress greatly. So far this week I have to create a bibliography for my dissertation (once I've chosen a subject...) before friday, done all my reading for, and hopefully written my first assessed essay of the year, and done the reading for both of my classes. Additionally, I need to come up with a title and bibliography for my reasearch essay, and I'm supposedly looking at jobs and Masters for next year at the same time. It's like the university doesn't want us to have a social life or something! But the good news is that I'm going to Camden to buy some shoes tomorrow, which will be amazing. Both the shoes and the shopping, that is. Also I get to see Becky, which should be nice, as long as she isn't too crazy ;-) Other than that, there is no news. Except that o2 sucks. Never ever ever trust an online phone company. Especially if you're cursed... But in general life is good, and so ends my rant. Hope my very small ('elite') readership is all well.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Post the first!

Check this out! I have a blog now! One day I'll even tell some people about it so that it'll have a purpose, but until then, it's a complete waste of my precious, precious time... But the good news it that I dont really have anything to talk about, so at least the posts will be short. Ooh, and I have a lecture in 24 minutes, so I'd better make this quick. Ooh, and I dont have any way of putting pictures on this computer, but hopefully I'll have a new phone/camera soon, and then maybe even a usb stick. Who knows...? But until then, let me tell you about Jareth's exciting adventures in Surrey this week... Well, the highlight so far actually took place in Berkshire, which isn't in Surrey (on account of being a county of its very own) when we went on a clubbing expedition to Reading and I laughed a lot at some guys and had a glass of alcoholic cream. And there was a cat in my bed. I also saw Becky (hello Becky, if you're reading this!) and Richard, who wasn't nearly as scary as promised. Yesterday I went on annother exciting expedition, but this time to Woking (that might be in Berkshire too, but I'm not too sure), where we partook of the bowling. We were going to go to Feltham, but Egham Hill went insane, so we couldn't. Ooh, these colours are very pale. Wait a sec... Hmm, thats a bit better. Anyway, I came joint first with 130 in the first game by being in the cheaty bumper lane, and then.... well, I didn't do *quite* as well when the bumpers were gone, but it was super fun anyway. And today will be brilliant too, because we're going to see the corpse bride! Unfortunately all of this fun means I dont have time to do all the millions of works I have, but hey! Ooh, this is a lot longer than I thought it'd be. Go me! But now I have 15 min before my lecture, so maybe I ought to work out what else these so-called 'blogs' do... Posts may appear again in the future, but don't hold your breath. You have been warned.