Saturday, October 21, 2006


Sorry I haven't Blogged for so long, I keep meaning to and I never seem to get the time... Being at work all day means you don't get so much time to do other stuff, like see your fiance, and then by the time you've caught up with that its time to get some badly needed sleep, and you've used up your whole day with not-Blogging.

But enough of my excuses! Although we don't seem to get up to much these days, the good news is that lots of stuff is finally getting sorted out. Dave and I now have venues for the wedding and reception, free balloons from Hallmark (woohoo!), a caterer, a florist, a wedding car (Rolls silver wraith, if you're interested) and, most importantly, A WEDDING DRESS! Whoo! I can't give any details incase dave sneakily reads this, but suffice to say it's all so lovely! It's not long til the wedding (!) though, so you'll be able to see it in real life soon! Wedding dress shopping was awesomely fun, and I think Dave was a bit put out that he didn't get to join in. Ooh, and also, Dave's writting an interactive online wedding gift list! Should be very cool once its running properly. Links will be added in the wedding invitations so that you can play with it properly. No obligation to spend money though!

Its weird though how it feel like uni never even happened in a way. Its so strange being at home with most people here all the time and some people still at uni or moved away. Its like before uni started, after 6th form, but with everyone having moved on and gained independance. Rhys obviously has his friends from work to keep him entertained, Rich & Amelia have eachother and pleanty of plans to occupy themselves with, I have Dave and vice versa, and Chris has glandular fever. Ed's moved to Nottingham, Becky's moved to France and Sarah's in Indonnesia somewhere. Uni folk are so far away and difficult to keep in touch with. And for those of us still around, during the day we're all at work, or sitting at home being ill, so we don't get out too much nowdays. What a bunch of loosers... I miss the freedom of our little flat, getting up when we like, going to the Red Lion whenever we like, hardly any classes to take up our time... But I have to admit that seeing Dave every day is a big bonus. And next year at least we'll have the independance of our own flat! Whoo!

Erm, what else have I been up to? I failed my driving theory yesterday, which was lame. If anyone reading this had to do the hazard perception test, please give me some advice - I really didn't know what I was doing, which didnt help much. But I got 34/35 in the theory part of the test, which made me feel a bit better. Actually it's weird, I think this is the first test I've failed (except getting into Oxford, but I don't think that really counts. I concider that a good thing, in retrospect). But at least re-sits are easy!

Also, my criminal record check finally came through on wednesday! I am now actually doing the job they employed me to do, which is excellent! I was starting to get pretty bored of processing books, shelving and opening boxes. I get my own key to the library and Im allowed to talk to the students and everything! Yesterday I was in charge of the whole of downstairs by my self for 45 min, which was exciting. The whole place is pretty neglected though, and really disorganised. Because it isn't part of the main college site no one bothers to repair things, and we end up solving everyones IT problems because there isnt a help office onsite. Its a bit daunting really.

Last weekend Dave and I went to Exeter to meet up with Dave's friends from uni for the first time since he left. A few of them are still there because they're doing 4 year courses or an MA. The rest of us slept on their floors, which was handy. we did lots of pubs, a curry house and a jazz bar, which was really cool. Unfortunately I didnt feel well on saturday, but we got to the church which dave used to go to whilst at uni on the sunday, which was good, had weatherspoons breakfast, and watched the 1st 3 episodes of the 2nd season of How I met Your Mother, which were brilliant. Im so relieved about Lilly and Marshal! I was actually quite upset before! I am so bad...

And just about the only other thing I haven't told everyone about yet is that I'm going into hospital on thursday to get my gall bladder taken out. Should be fun! At least I get 10 days off work to watch season 7 of Buffy and make wedding invitations and work out what I was actually supposed to be doing in my hazard percepton test. And I've sneakily booked a driving lesson on the friday I have sick leave on, so I hope I'll be feeling better by then and that no one from work spots me! (If you're reading this and work with me, please let me know how I can purchace your silence.)

I guess that's pretty much it, then. Hopefully I'll post something a bit sooner next time, and news will include me planning the flowers, sending wedding invites, getting on fine with no gall bladder, publishing the gift list, going to the opticians and purchasing a notice of marriage! I hope if anyone's reading this that you're well and everythings working out well with what you're doing. Also my appologies if I emailed you and you have noticed how this is almost exactly the same. I kind of cheated a bit...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*virtually* the same as the email??? han, you're lying... and there was me thinking you loved me enough to type out a whole long email just for me... sob sob... i'll go away and cry in my fairy-light decorated room now...


10:24 am  
Blogger David Hulbert said...

You need to blog more, my lovely wife. xxx

9:42 pm  
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