Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The end is near!

Well, I'm absolutely terrified now. Hannah said the the provisional date for out group 3 exam is may 8th, and UCL have their exams during my easter holiday, so goodness knows when I'm going to do all my work! Theoretically I'm on campus to finish my book which is due back, but as you can tell I'm not working, which seems to be the standard state of affairs. Maybe this is why I have so much work to do all the time? I guess being away every weekend isn't really helping taht much either, but I feel it's worth the cost. Who needs a degree anyway? It's only 3 years of my life and £xxxxx...
Anyway, somewhat more optimistically, I had an excellent weekend! I went to exeter, where I was horribly ill, but I had Dave to look after me, and we did some fun things too. Including bying beautiful shoes that look like they belong to an elf! They're so lovely! The good news is that I stopped taking the tablets the doctor had given to make me feel better, and I stopped being ill. So I'm going back to the doctors to complain next week. Hurray!
Well, all I've really been up to over the past week is work and feeling ill, so not much to up-date you on here. Except pointing out how horrible this colour is... So on that note I shall leave you. Wish me luck with the insane quantities of work I have to do with minimal motivation and limited time! It's certainly a challenge. But at least I'm happy and stressed, and there is an optimistic future to look forward to tremendously! xxx

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The happiness fairy from happy-land

OK, it's been a while, but I've been pretty busy over the last month. Obviously, first there was Christmas (what wasn't great, but had some happy longer-term consequences, see below...), and then the New Year, which was pretty good (and better than I'd anticipated, because we were all together, which was awesomous maximus), and then it was the evening of January 2nd/morning of January 3rd, and Dave told me that he loved me in a text message, which made me so happy I can barely express it in words! No, I take it back, I am too happy to express in words! We then spent a week happily doing nothing, and I got my new phone, which was also cool.
But then we had to come back to uni, which sucked, especially as I was living on my own for a week. Fortunately I went to stay with Becky in Reading for a few days, and we did some hard-core shopping, which was brilliant. And I had a class on thursday so I wasn't bored then either, and I went to see Dave in Exeter on friday til monday! Hurray!
Unfortunately I have loads of work to do this term as it's my final year. But I don't seem to care about my degree any more, which probably isn't a good thing. I seem to be either visiting or being visited every week forever until I don't have to be at uni any more. Hurray to the power of two! This means that I have to work pretty much solidly during the week though, which is considerably less fun. But I'm too happy to care! I hope there aren't any laws limiting the number of exclamation marks in one entry, because if there are I've probably broken them...
Which brings us up to the future. I still have to finish my essay, but that shouldn't take too long. Then i have to decide whether I can be bothered to go to student group or not. Hmmm... At the moment I'm thinking I'm too lazy, but we'll see.
Anyway, that's pretty much all of my news, most of which you'll know already if you're the kind of person who reads this. Also, don't expect many entries in the future - trying to juggle (in a metaphorical sense alone) a boyfriend and the third year of a degree is hard enough without all the extra things I feel obliged to do occasionally. But know that my silence is a happy one (official understatement of the year!), and I wish the same happiness upon you, my lucky reader! xxx