Friday, July 07, 2006

Uni pics

Here are some pictures (finally!) from uni!

<- This is Hannah #1 and Bob on the day we finally all finished our degrees.

And Hannah #1, Bob and myself at Oceana for -> our end of degree/Hannah's birthdy outing.

<- Us seeing Jenna at Pizza Hut for the last time before the summer.

The three of us at Windsor Great Park for a -> nice summery picnic.

<- Us before the summer ball in our stunningly yellow kitchen.

Bob and me at the summer ball. ->

<- All three of us at the ball.

Me and Rachael. ->


Dave and I are engaged!!! Woohoo! You should all know that by now, but it's still so exciting! I can't wait to get married! Hurray!

Dave and I went on holiday to Malta last week. It was so lovely, really hot, and loads of things to do. We saw 5 neolithic temples, one of which was underground and was 1000 years older than the pyramids in Egypt. We also saw early Christian catacombs and some cathedrals, including one with a clock showing the wrong time to confuse the devil. We visited the Medieval town of Mdina, the citadel of Victoria Rabbat in Gozo, and Valletta by night, which was lovely.

Because it was so hot, we also did lots of swimming in the sea, in some lovely rocky coves and some beaches. We took a little boat trip to a place called 'blue grotto', where the sun reflected off the bottom of the sea making the water this electric blue, and there was pink coral. It was really lovely. And we found a cafe that made iced coffees with icecream that were gorgeous! While on Gozo we also went for a drive along the coast and saw lots of salt-pans, but the road suddenly turned into a rocky track and we had to turn around.

On the last sunday, it was our six month anniversary so we went on a day cruse from Silema to Gozo in a lovely wooden boat. We went swimming, had a lovely lunch, and went to Comino on the way back, a small island, population 2, where we went swmming in the blue lagoon, which was absolutely beautiful. There was even an icecream boat! Then in the evening we went to a sunset at 'Golden Bay', which was very romantic, and I shall remember it forever... Dave proposed! It was so lovely!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I'm so happy!!!

In other news, we visited Dave's dad in Manchester, which was good. He has a very cute dog called Dexter, and we had a day looking round Manchester, including the cathedral, Urbis and Primark. Also, I got my results break-down, and I was 1.2% off a first, which is slightly annoying, although I know I couldn't've done any better, and I didn't really deserve a first.

Also, I have my first driving lesson in a couple of hours! Scary! Having put it off so long, it's even more horrible now. I'm told it'll be fine though, but we'll see... And I'm looking for a job, which is even more horrible because a) I don't want one, b) theres nothing good in Dorset and c) Dave's very distracting. So we'll see how that goes, too! Graduation next week, which should be fun! And then nothing but driving and job-hunting til Soul Survivor!

But I'm so excited! I can't wait to get married! Sorry I had to leave this a couple of days to post, Dave has some friends he wanted to tell in person, so I had to leave out the relly exciting bits. And it is SOOOOOOO exciting! Anyway, hopefully see everyone soon.