Sunday, May 28, 2006

All over!

OK, just a quickie. Im home again at the moment, but I'm back to Exeter for the evening on friday, then back at uni on the saturday to do some pre-leaving FOREVER activities. As for the last couple of weeks since I last posted, I've coped surprisingly well since Jude died, although my parents have been really upset. I guess its easier because I've been away for so long I wasn't used to him being aroung all the time anyway. But I do keep having dreams about him, which is quite sad.

Other than that, I'VE FINISHED MY DEGREE!!! Haven't got drunk once - go me! Went to Oceana on friday night and didn't have any alcohol at all, it was a great night! Also been in Exeter to see my gorgeous boyfrind for about 5 days, which was lovely. Went for a few walks in the rain, got some amazingamazing bargain books (£15 reduced to £2!!!) and a talk on the Da Vinci Code at Belmont, which was really good, among other things. Errr... packed lots on thursday and moved everything back here on saturday. Room looks like a crazy jumble-sale, but I still have til friday to unpack.

Anyway, so I still have the summer ball to look forward to, and handing back the keys to our lovely flat :-( I'll miss our yellow kitchen, and being away from home! But now I'll go and find out whats going on in my house this evening, so I'll say good bye. Good luck, everyone who has exams left, and have fun, everyone who doesn't! xxx

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Just a quick note that Jude's been really ill, so we're taking him to the vet for the last time today. I really can't belive he'll be gone this evening, he's been living in this house nearly as long as I have, I just can't imagine being without him... Anyway, I can't say anything else, I'm too upset. Anyone who knew him will understand...