Friday, March 10, 2006

Thought for the day

Thought for the day:

Unfortunately I dont have a thought every day on account of my degree, but when I do, I will be sure to tell you. For example, I had the following thoughts...

  • 9th November 2005 - Coats with fur linings should have wider sleves (you know it's true. Stupid coats. And stupid oversized arms... But at least Im not cold any more! Woohoo!)
  • 10th November - All library staff should be a little bit ignorant, and not fine me when I hand in my books late.
  • 11th November - I'm less hungry than I was, which is good. But o2 sucks, which is bad. But I'm going shopping tomorrow, which is good! So overall life if good, which is good.
  • 14th November - Oh my goodness I'm cold. Brain frozen. No space for other thoughts...
  • 15th November - I seem to be angry today. Maybe it's because I haven't been shopping since saturday. But I suspect it could be something else altogether...
  • 23rd November - Christmas is a work of evil and should be banned. Although I wouldn't want to be confused with a puritan, so someone else should ban it for me.
  • 25th November - This time next month it'll be Christmas! That means I'll already be full of food, and hopefully alcohol. Hurray! And don't forget the real meaning of Christmas - making yourself feel ill.
  • 7th December - Maybe eating custard from the carton randomly during the morning wasn't the greatest idea in the history of ideas (and custard), but it was fun. Like a koala.
  • 8th December - I'm actually sitting here without any thoughts in my head. Actually. This hardly ever happens. Hmmm. Well, I guess thats that, then...
  • 9th December - Volunteering to do a presentation when you have a 5000 word assessed essay due in that you haven't started is not wise, especially when the article its supposed to be based on isn't online or in the library.
  • 12 December - Im fluctuating between being very scared and very excited about this week. Wish me luck with the essay that's due in on wednesday, and which I haven't started...
  • 16th December - I seriously don't know how I'm going to get all these books home. Maybe I'll take a photo later to prove how many I have.
  • 18th December - It's nice to be home as it's very tranquil in comparison to uni. I just hope I don't get bored...
  • 20th December - Dorset sucks. Why are all my friends squares?
  • 23rd December - Life's too short to get angry with people. Besides, it's nearly Christmas! Maybe I'll go get some mince pies. And an early morning sherry.
  • 24th January 2006! - Oh, I've been so bad at this blog thing... but I've been super busy! And I take back every bad thing I've said. I'm amazingly happy! Please exploit my good mood!
  • 31st January - I discovered yesterday that I can either be happy or peaceful (physically, not spiritually), but not both at the same time. I think I'd rather be happy than peaceful though, so that's ok. But my thought for today was I am SOOOOO looking forward to the end of my degree! Word's simply cannot express how much I'm looking forward to the end of this ordeal. But anyway, off to work again...
  • 10th February - Just a quick one because I'm so busy, but my thought for today is HOW EXCITING??! because next week is going to be excellently amazing! I'm going valentines ahopping this afternoon, and I can barely contain myself! Ooh, being in love's the best!
  • 17th February - That was one awesome nearly a week. Valentines day, Camden, History Society dinner... Thank you Dave!
  • 10th March - Ooh, it's been 3 weeks since I last left a message! maybe that's why I had so much to put in my last post? Todays thoughts are: 'Chocolate', 'squibble' and 'sleepy.' Enjoy!

Need sleep...

I haven't blogged for AGES (again!) - sorry! And as its been so long, I can't really remember what I've been doing. Ermmm... Well, things that I can remember include visiting dave two weekends. I bought some shoes that destroyed my feet but are beautiful (see episode 2 of the IT crowd. "the shoesah!"); went to church a couple of times; went to the youth cafe thing where we learned about the antichrist (very handily to do with my dissertation, which was good); saw dj yoda, which was less good than expected, although he did mix george bush saying "we must stop the terror", so it was definitely worth going; went to some jazz and had REALLY good cocktails, which was very enjoyable indeed; and drank a lot of tea. Hurray!

Besides being in Exeter, I've done rather a lot of work this week. On tuesday went to the student house group at the chaplains house, which was about sects (not sex) and I learned that Mormons believe that if they're very good, after they die they get to be the god of their own planet with hundereds of god-wives, and J Ws believe Jesus is a demi-god, but God is a super-god, which was all very entertaining. I think that's right, anyway. Sorry if I'm wrong about this, and let me know what they really believe! Then I was up til 2.30am on wednesday morning writting my essay, got up again at 8am to finish it, which was stressful, but now I'm 50% through the assessment for my degree! Hurray!!! Then I came into campus to print the essay out and get some books for my presentation. In the afternoon and evening I did all my reading for and wrote my presentation, so I get to sleep at 1am on thursday morning. I got up at 8 again and did my source annalysis before going into london for my class.

I got in nice and early to submit my essay, but the departmental office was closed, so I had to waste an hour in ucl library. My seminar was pretty good tho. We discussed whether werewolves are still people, or wolves, or a hybrid. We also looked at pictures of women with beards, a boy who was half ox, and people with faces on their stomachs. And I think it was the first time I've ever heared someone talk about vampires in a class. After that I annoyingly had to take my essay in, by which point there was a thunderstorm going on, and I was foolishly wearing my beautiful furry shoes, which filled with water. When I got to Waterloo, lightning had apparently struck the signal box at vaxhaul, so all the signals were down and I didnt get home til 6.15. So I got a pizza before I went to my cell group, both of which were much more fun than the rest of my day. Then I made a handout for my presentation and got to bed before midnight! Hurray!

And now it's today. I had to get up at 8 again to go to my class, but I dont intend to do any work now, and I might finally get some sleep! Ooh, that was actually quite long! Sorry its mostly all moany though. Im not that annoyed, I just thought the thunderstorm and other bad events were a bit of a coincidence on one day. I'm not going to see dave this weekend as we both have so much work to do, which is very sad :-( This weekend Im writing an essay on "Is the writing of Odo of Deuil of any real value in assessing the aims and progress of the expeditions of Loius and Conrad?" which will be super fantastic.

Well, thats just about it for the last 2ish weeks. Sorry if you're Becky, (actually, re-reading this it seems like I just showed my comiserations to Becky for just being her, which wasn't what i meant. It was pretty funny, though...) because I just blatantly cut and pasted what I just emailed to you because I'm lazy and I want to go home.

Anyway, I need a nap now, so I'll bid you adieu. Hope my (elite) readership are all well and happy.