Friday, February 17, 2006

History bunnies

As I haven't blogged in so long, I feel slightly bad and obliged to blog now, even though I am running the risk of missing neighbours... although it is on later, too. anyway, it's been a pretty exciting week, and I haven't written anything for so long there's loads I haven't mentioned yet. Although I'm pretty sure I already said that Dave and I are getting along amazingly well, except when we're appart, when I miss him horribly. Fortunately I've seen him every week since the begining of term so far, so I don't have to cope too long. Last weekend he came to visit me, and we cooked 80 pieces of chicken which we bought for £1 (!!!), went to visit Becky in Reading, which was very cool, went to a school disco, which was brilliantly fun, and went to church, which was really good too. Then he had to leave on monday, which was extra sad because I didnt get to see him for a whole week, during which I did some work for my dissertation and little else. Ooh, hannah and I drank a bottle of wine, that was fun. But I can't really remember much else.

Anyway, Dave went home at the weekend, and he was supposed to come to visit me on sunday evening, but his car annoyingly broke down, so he couldn't come til monday. This now means he's carless, as he can't get insured on 'my' car. But the good news is that he was visiting me! We went out for dinner on tuesday for Valentines day, which was very romantic, and I got a rose and Dave stole a balloon. On wednesday we went to Camden so that I could show him cyberdog (which was apparently quite exciting) and the 4-poster bed I want. I also tried on a corset, which was brilliant but stupidly expensive, and I bought a shawl thing, which is really nice. we cooked fajitas in the evening, which were very yummy, but I couldn't eat many. Then on thursday we tried to go for a walk, but it rained. In the evening it was the history society dinner, which was really good. We got all dressed up and pretty, and the meal was really nice, featuring some 'game chips' or frisps soaked in gravy... sadly the polar bears weren't there, but we did have a large quantity of alcohol (me in particular), and the guest speaker was reasonably entertaining, and talked about 'history bunnies' at some length.

Unfortunately today is friday, and I had to say goodbye to Dave. I wont get to see him for a whole week now, and I'm starting to pine... But on the plus side I got away without doing any reading for my class, and I'm going to meet Sarah in Richmond tomorrow for some interesting seminars, although I don't actually know when... I don't really have anything left to write about, as this has been an exceptionally long entry. Go me! Computers are down til monday, so that's the earliest you're likely to hear from me. Until then, don't work too much, everybody! I certainly shall not... xxx